Rental conditions


1. Parties of the contract.

Reservation office - motoIT Sp. z o.o. , operator of systems Fleet Poland and Fleet Travel, providing reservation services for car rental.
Customer - individual or legal entity using of offices system

2. Definitions.

System - Car booking system available to customers on websites operated by the office. The System guarantees the safety of the data entered by the customer.
Car rental office- car hire provider, which presents their services through the System. Car rental office have the legal right to rent a car in the short and long terms through the System.
Service - Office provides booking services for clients in car rentals. Provided Services are based on data entered into the System and selected by Customer the appropriate options of Service.

3. General term and conditions.

Terms and conditions apply to the booking process and do not concern on the process of concluding and implementing the hire contract between the customer and Car rental office.
Car hire terms are agreed and accepted by the customer at the time you sign a car hire contract and collection.
To be able to use the services Client must be over 21 years and a minimum of 2 years experience in driving. Some rental companies, however, reserve the age higher than 21 years, and those information customer will find the detailed conditions of the specific options available to hire.
To qualify for rental services, you must hold a valid in Polnd driver's license and ID card, and for foreigners - passport. The license must be issued using the Latin alphabet. In other cases, and in the case of licenses issued in countries: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Russia require International Driving Permit.
To use the services it is required that the customer had a credit card valid at least 1 month longer than the expected date of return of the car.
Acceptance by you of these terms is tantamount to their acceptance by all the people who will use rental car.

4. Detailed conditions of rental.

Detailed conditions of hire, such as charges for insurance of the own damage, pick up and drop-off charges, accessories depends of the Car rental office. Details of all fees and deposit are shown in the presentation of the offer and also attached to the confirmation of car reservation, which Customer receives from the office.
The office is responsible for make every effort to ensure that specific Rental Conditions in the System and sent to customers in the confirmation was correct and actual at the date of request for service.
There is an option to travelling abroad by the rented car. Conditions, including the list of countries to which you can or can not go, and eventual fees, will be visible both in the information about the offer, as well as in the reservation confirmation.
Customer is required to familiarize themselves with any specific conditions of hire.

5. Booking Terms and Conditions.

  • The customer is fully responsible for:
  • the correctness of data entered into the form
  • completion of the conditions of hire, such as having the required documents and credit cards

Reservations are considered valid only when the client received from the Office via the e-mail or fax confirmation of the reservation. Customer is required to ensure that it has received a valid document confirming reservation of a car. In the absence of this document by the Customer, the Customer shall inform the office and jointly determine the possible causes and solutions, including the reference to an alternative email address.
Rental Officess reserve the right to change the offered model within a same grade. This does not change the conditions of booking and does not constitute the right to terminate the rental agreement.
Rental Officess reserve the right to offer cars with the upper classes than reserved by the customer. This does not change the conditions of booking and does not constitute the right to terminate the lease agreement. At the same time Rental Office does not charge additional fees for renting a car a class higher than those offered.

6. Prices.

Prices shown in the system are gross prices (with a 23% VAT). All prices include basic insurance (CDW, TP, TW, PAI) with personal share. The level of personal shares depends on  the specific conditions of each Rental Office. Information about own shares and the costs of their reduction or elimination can be found in the confirmation of the offer and reservation, which Customer receives from the Department.
Prices given, offered to and accepted by the Customer are the prices at which the Customer will make contract with a Rental Office.
Additional services (presented in the offer, such as: pick-up, drop-off, additional equipment, additional insurance) will also be published in a document confirming the reservation. Deposit must be paid not later than in the moment of signing the rental contract. Office ensures that all of the offers include unlimited mileage, it means that there are no surcharges for mileage during the rental. However, in exceptional situations and classes may happen that an offer will include a limit of kilometers. This will be visible on the presentation of offers, the detailed conditions of rental, as well as in reservation confirmation.
Day of renting lasts 24 hours and begins on the date and time indicated in the reservation, no later than the time of pick up the rental. Extension of a rental period of 1 hour in relation to agreed, does not result in an additional charge of day. However, the extension of the rent by more than one hour is possible only after obtaining prior authorization from Rental Office for the rental and agreed the payment for additional rent.
The offer and rental price does not include fuel, highway tolls and roads, vignettes, and other service charges. Client and any person who on his behalf will use the rented car, are responsible for maintaining the technical and visual condition of rental car.

7. Payment and deposit.

Customer is obliged to make payments directly to the Rental office at the time of receipt, unless the specific Rental Conditions provide otherwise. For customer verification process is to fulfill the General Conditions
Payment could be made by credit card or cash. The base currency is Polish Zloty (PLN), but most companies accept also payment in Euro (EUR). Information about it customer will find the presentation of the offer and in the confirmation of booking. Customers credit card is authorized for a quota from the offer and accepted by the customer deposit amount when customer receive a car rental. Acceptable types of cards: Visa and Mastercard. If a customer wants to pay another card, is required to contact the Office to confirm this possibility.
It is possible to make a prepayment for a car rent. This option is possible, after prior notice to the Office by the Customer and does not change the formal requirements of the General Conditions of these Regulations (including not remove the need for a credit card).
To ensure sufficient bilateral (client and Rental Office) guarantees the booking, it is required to give (by encrypted form) a consumer’s credit card details, as a guarantee. It is required that the customer had a credit card valid at least 1 month longer than the planned date of return of the car. By the time of pick up and sign the appropriate rental contract, no action had been taken from customers card. Customer is obliged to ensure that the card had a reasonable limit, allowing to make the deposit and any payment for rent.
Office and Rental office have the right to make a pre-authorization (in an amount not greater than the amount of fixed Deposit) at the Customer's credit card to verify its validity and to confirm availability of funds. If there will have any problems with the verification they are obliged to contact the customer, to explain the discrepancies. If discrepanciesare not remedied within 24 hours of notification to the Customer, the reservation is canceled and the customer and the Rental office or Office shall be notified thereof.

8. Collection and return of the car.

The client determines the exact date and time of collection and return the car to the Rental Office in the time of the order of service. If the exact time of collection and / or return of the car are not known to the Client, it is obliged to inform the Bureau about this / these hours no later than 72 hours before the rental.
Pick-up options the car to the airport is only possible after previous inform of flight number. This information should be submitted at the time of booking or at least 72 hours before the rental period.
The option of pick-up and / or drop-off within the city, it is possible after previous inform of the exact address. This information should be submitted at the time of booking or at least 72 hours before the rental period.

9. Insurance.

The System offers the cars covered with an insurance:

  • Auto-Casco - AC (CDW / TP)
  • Third Party Liability - OC (TPW)
  • Personal Accident - NNW (PAI)

with its own shares in an amount not exceeding the authorized deposit. On special request, the Office may make reservations to limit the amount or the total abolition of own share.
Office reports that no insurance will cover:

  • the effects of intentional damage,
  • escape from the scene of the collision or accident
  • damage caused by driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs and other intoxicants,
  • stolen car when the keys and / or documents will not be returned to a Rental Office,
  • damages not reported to the Rental Office,
  • damages which the customer has refused to fulfill the relevant documents needed in the process of liquidation.

10. Modification and cancellation of the reservation.

Office allows Customer to make two free rebooking. However, if Customer makes changes in less than 48 hours before the scheduled date of hire Office does not guarantee the authentication of the changes in Rental office. In this case, only a change confirmed by the Office to the Customer in writing by fax or e-mail will be treated as authorized. The third and every subsequent change can result in credit card charges with the amount of PLN 25 (about 5 EUR).
Office use the liberal terms for the reservation, however, to ensure appropriate standards and guarantees states the following rules for their cancellation:

Cancellation less than 48 hours before scheduled pick-up does not result in customer credit card charges
In case of failure to collect the car or canceled less than 48 hours prior to pick car can result in customers credit card charges at 20% of total costs, or the equivalent of two days hire, if 20% of the whole rental is less than the equivalent of two days hire.

11. Protection of personal data.

Office ensures that the data provided by the Client through the System are safe and secure using SSL.
Customer agrees to use of your personal data to carry out orders by the Customer Service purposes and for marketing purposes related to the promotion of services MotoIT Sp. of o.o. Customer acknowledges that these data will be transmitted to Rental office, which was made reservation, only to correct processing of Service.

12. Presentation of the offer.

Office makes every effort to keep present offers, information about hiring up to date. At the same time Office is not responsible for the accuracy and adequacy of the description of reality. Office is not responsible for the substitution of a car model in the same class. Customer may not claim the title of any right to compensation for both the Office and Rental Office.

13. Liability and its limitations.

Office is responsible for the mistakes committed by their employees during the presentation of the offer and receipt of reservation in Rental office.
Office is not responsible for the lack of availability of reserved car, if reservation is confirmed by the Rental Office and Rental Office can not provide the Customer with a reserved car.
Office is not responsible for damage caused by System errors independent of the Office and also breaks in the action of System.
Office makes every effort to ensure that the availability of cars presented in the offer as high as possible, but is not responsible for the lack of availability of a car Rent presented in the system. Office does not own car presented in the System. Office is not liable for accuracy of information in the system about rented car, as well as their technical and visual state and the level of equipment.
Office is no responsible for the loss on the person, property, and for other claims caused by forces independent of the Office, including force majeure (explosions, floods, avalanches, fires, bad weather, martial law, war, sabotage , storms, hurricanes, disease, quarantine, etc.) that affect the change or cancellation of reservation by the Office or Rental office.

14. Complaints

Complaints are accepted by the Office only in writing form (letter, fax, or e-mail). Office only accepts complaints regarding the responsibility of the Office. Any discrepancies on Rental office standards (technical and visual condition, class, model and vehicle equipment, punctuality, etc.) should be reported to the Rental office. Only the unresolved dispute with the Rental office can be reported to the Office for information only. Office declares its willingness to help solve a problem between Customer and the Rental office.

15. Additional Information.

These regulations were drawn up in accordance with Polish law. Any disputes arising during the implementation of the Agreement shall be settled exclusively by the court competent for the registration of Office.
Office reserves the right to make changes to this document. The loss of validity of one or more provisions of these Terms shall not invalidate the entire document.
These terms were drawn up on 19 January 2012 and shall be valid from that day.

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