Why Fleet Poland

We are a company with specialists, which are very experience in car rental business. We built the biggest Polish companies rent a car, we know how does it works.
Fleet Poland system is a compilation of the relevant conditions and car hire well-functioning internet mechanism. It is addressed both to individuals and businesses client - all those who are looking to rent a car in either, a few days and several months periods.

The offer for our customers

Short Term Rental

In our database we have many cars of different classes in many places. But we only work with good Polish companies, which can ensure us to provide new vehicles and the appropriate procedures for hiring. That’s why we can offer brand new cars in good price.

Long Term Rental

We can find for you the perfect offer for longest period. Just give us your preferences about the car. We will direct a query to all the companies we working with, or if it is not enough for all the companies that we know. We can present offers from several sources in order to maximize the reasonable price and / or a good quality car.

If you have any questions concerning our company please do not hesitate to contact us directly:

e-mail: fleetpoland@fleetpoland.pl
GSM +48 668 066 077

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